Subject Re: [firebird-support] ISQL Utility for Embedded
Author Milan Babuskov
Dimitry Sibiryakov wrote:
>>I am totally new to Firebird, currently using Embedded.
> The main rule for Embedded Firebird: if you are new, don't use it!

As more and more people get interested in FB only because of the
small-footprint embedded version, this "rule" might become a problem ;)

One of the reasons I wrote that "Embedded FB for Linux HOWTO" is exactly
that. At some mailing lists/news groups people were asking what are good
options for embedded DBMS. I recommended Firebird, and when they tried,
they had a lot of problems setting it up, without any pin-point

FB might soon become very very popular in this area as competitors are
either expensive, bloated, flat-file oriented or don't scale when you
need to deploy the full server version.

IMHO, Firebird has potential to become #1 in the embedded database
market. If we want that to happen, we just need two things: make it
known and make it easy for beginners to jump in and use it.

Milan Babuskov