Subject Re: internal gds software consistency check (index key too big (174))
Author phil_hhn
> I've looked around and the only mention of this I could find was in
> 2003... looked to be a problem in 1.5RC3 - is it still an issue?
> Have also done a backup & restore but the problem still occurs. The
> only other thing I thought to check was the DB page size but they're
> all the same.
> Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi, has nobody come across this before?

It is really important that we have an answer to this; some time soon
we will have to automatically alter some columns in customer databases
(changing charset/collation) and since we have 100's of databases, we
cannot have this error occuring.

For the case above, I've scripted some SQL to drop the column and add
a new one with the correct charset/collation at creation time. This
all works. However this is not really a nice solution when we need to
start updating multiple columns (which all have data)....

Any ideas how to avoid this gds error?