Subject Re: Characters replaced by dashes
Author bmckenna6
> However, I have just discovered that #150 (normally encoded as en
> dash) and #151 (normally em dash), while they appear correct (i.e.,
> my symbols) pasted or keyed (in my db connected edit components) as I
> have designed and encoded them in my font, are returned from Fb1.5
> BLOB SUB_TYPE 1 fields both as dashes.

My further tests using only richtext components and other non-db apps
such as WordPad indicate that this is one of the perhaps numerous
hidden gotchas still hidden in the various implementations of MS
RichText: (using Arial) while #150 and #150 (ANSI encoding en dash and
emdash) can be keyed into Wordpad (and other dev environs such as the
D7 I'm using from Borland) and appear very nice even after saving, once
the document is closed and opened again the en dash and em dash have
been demoted to little old #45 dashes.

<g> Perhaps this is part of a large hidden conspiracy to ensure that
those very serious about their typographics have to go to Adobe or even
further afield...<g>