Subject RE: [firebird-support] How to Join to a Selectable Stored Procedure
Author Rick Debay
I didn't know you could pass parameters from other tables in to a stored
procedure inside a query. This will be very useful.
BTW, what error will you get if you don't use an outer join?

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You could join to SP's the join condition will vary acording to what you
procedure returns.

if your SP returns only a sub-set that is already related to the Detail
table, then you just could use 1=1 as the join condition.

but use left join to force the table to be processed before the SP
otherwise you will get an error, something like this:

SELECT t.Description, d.CurrentAmount, sp.YTDAmount FROM Detail d INNER
JOIN PayType t ON t.hKey = d.hPayType LEFT JOIN sp_YTDAmt(d.hCheck,
d.hPayType) sp ON 1=1

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