Subject Fixed-length strings in UDFs (Re: Slight UDF Mystery . . .)
Author lutterot
--- In, "vogonjeltzprostetnic"
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> you've no doubt gleaned from my original post, I want the UDF to
> return the binary of a GUID, hence the RETURNS CHAR(16) CHARACTER SET
> OCTETS. I'm really not sure about using CSTRING. The last thing I
> want Firebird to do is treat the return value as a null-terminated
> string in the default character set for the database in question.

I have been trying to do that, too. Even if I set the return value to
CHAR(16), Firebird (Version treats it as a
null-terminated CSTRING so that the information after a zero byte is lost.

> Do you have any word on whether Firebird does (or might do) this? Do
> you have any further information on the bug you mention?

I would really like to know if there is any solution to this. This
defect apparently makes it impossible to return binary data from UDFs
that is longer than the non-character types and not a blob. Or am i wrong?

Thank you,