Subject Re: Expression based index
Author Adam
> On Firebird 2.0, I have a table with ID, LastName. I want to be able
> to do case insensitive searches - without creating a shadow column.

Firebird 2 is in field test mode. Read the release notes regarding
Firebird 2 questions.

Case insensitive searches can be implemented in Firebird 1.5 using
COLLATIONS. Questions about collations are fine to ask.

> I have a expression based index like this:
> now, with real data, there may be a lot of duplicates on this column -
> is it possible to create a compound index (LastName, ID) with
> expression based indexes? TIA

It would have taken you less effort to attempt it than to write this
question. Even less effort if you read the release notes which
directly answer your question.