Subject Re: [firebird-support] Interbase
Author Tim
Thanks for all the comments.

We started using IB 6 before I found out about the FB project. By the
time I started development on FB, we already had several hundred
sites out with IB.

Because our sites are spread over a wide geographical area, it would
be expensive for us to send engineers out to each site to upgrade.

IB doesn't give us problems. (Except when the damn engineers forget
to switch Forced Writes on, or decide that the only way to "fix" a
problem is to delete the GDB .... ) We have a simple database
structure that works hard and does what we want, and that is
incredibly reliable and hassle free.

But I have been warning that we need to change to FB ASAP .... for
more than 18 months now.

We'll get there. :) Eventually. :D

Thanks again


At 18:17 18/07/2006, you wrote:

>From: "Lester Caine" <<>lester@...>
> > Tim wrote:
> >
> > > Version 6 - the Open Source version. OS is Win XP SP 2
> >
> > Well ANY version of Firebird would be preferable to that version. Any
> > reason you such a bug ridden option?
> >
>Well, I can tell you that I ran IB OS v6.0.2 for years and never had a
>problem before switching to FB 1.5.3. I never ran into any of the bugs so
>maybe I was lucky, but it was a pretty stable version for me.
>Woody (TMW)

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