Subject Re: Table unknow. RDB$RELATIONS when connecting to database
Author Adam
--- In, "vincent_kwinsey"
<vincent_kwinsey@...> wrote:
> I am getting 'Table unknow. RDB$RELATIONS' when connecting to some
> database with user other than SYSDBA and no any error - when
> connecting as SYSDBA (from any tool - IBExpert e.g., or software).
> Sometimes the same is reported for RDB$DATABASE. What is cause of
> this? Can security.fdb be corrupted somhow?

RDB$DATABASE and RDB$RELATIONS are system tables within EVERY
database. I suppose it is possible that the security database could be
corrupted, but it would be quite unusual. Are you sure it is not some
corruption in the database? The fastest way to test would be to move
the database onto a different computer and try again. Also run gfix,
or try a backup-then-restore.