Subject Re: Exception when restoring
Author Adam
--- In, "Ed Dressel" <Dressel@...> wrote:
> I get the following message after doing a backup and restore:
> IBE: Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not
> preclude successful execution of subsequent statements.
> action cancelled by trigger (3) to preserve data integrity.
> Cannot deactivate primary index.
> How can I fix this?
> Thanks
> Ed Dressel

After backup and restore of during the restore?

Looks like an exception returned to IBE(xpert?) What are you doing at
the time? If you are setting an index to be inactive, then that index
is actually supporting a primary key constraint and so can not be
deactivated. The only way to rebuild it is to first drop the
constraint, although given it is just restored, is there a need to
rebuild it, it should be nicely balanced?