Subject Re: [IBPP-DISCUSS] [firebird-support] FB Embedded on Linux without need for roo
Author Milan Babuskov
Micha Feigin <michf@...> wrote:
> It doesn't. If you look at the following dump from strace, the
> program tries to stat run/isc_lock1.litshi and then open it, but
> since the directory run doesn't exist

Are you sure you're using the official binaries from Firebird website,
and not the ones from Debian package?

> adding the user to the firebird group instead of using the supplied
> instructions), then it uses the global run directory
> (/usr/lib/firebird2/run

Official package does NOT install in /usr/lib/firebird2. You are using
a custom binary with custom modifications from Debian maintainer of
the package, and there is no wonder that things don't work as advertised.

Please, download the .tar.gz package as explained in my HOWTO and use
files from it. It will surely work. It won't touch your existing
installation in any way.

> With the embeded version authentication is useless since you can
> point firebird to the current directory and put your own password
> file there.

It doesn't remove the requirement that you still need a password file.
Are you suggesting that final user using your application would supply
his own security.fdb ?

> I didn't know, I will try and look at it, although I am still tying
> to find a programmers guild it firebird. On the other hand, ibpp
> won't let you create a new database object without at least a
> username so I don't think it's useful
> from the programmers side. I'll be happy to learn differently.

You have predefined SYSDBA/masterkey username password, and if you
ship default security.fdb with your app, you don't have anything to
worry about - you can even create db.