Subject Re: Hardware for the best Firebird performance
Author Ali Gökçen
Faster HD, bacause of FB works Record versioning on File.
Faster IO Bus speed, because of FB needs too much File IO and
communication IO.
500 MB may be a big DBfile for an standalone PC application but
it is empty for a multiuser RDBMS.
10 minutes for a SP is a design desaster in my mind for a 500MB db.

my suggest:
AMD X2, first core for OS and other services, second for FB.
AMD, has hypertransport 2GB/s full duplex BUS speed, intel not!
AMD has built in memory controller and north bridge, intel not!
AMD completes machine commands with less clock cycles.
AMD cheap.
AMD64 has 40 bits physical RAM address range, intel 36 bits (EM64T).

if use PATA, 10000 RPM raptor will help to more performance.
HW RAID 0 spliitting helps for performance
HW RAID 1 mirroring helps for healthy.

RAM is Firbirds diet food.


--- In, "jasajona" <jasajona@...>
> Hello,
> What are most important things when choosing server hardware for
> Firebird? There will be big database (500mb) with tons of stored
> procedures that sometimes takes 10minutes to execute. There will be
> max ~5 simultanious connections.
> I gues there should be 2 processors server. What to choose Intel or
> AMD. Dualcore or real two processor server? Processors cache, bus
> speed, CPU Hz? What type of rocessor is the best? What feature is
> important for memory? Do I need RAID, does it make sence if there will
> be enough RAM?
> Do i need XP Server on it is enough XP Professional for SMP?