Subject Re: FB_LOCK_PRINT Doesn't Run on Win2003 Server using FB 1.5.3 Classic
Author Adam
--- In, "ianbillups"
<ian.billups@...> wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> >> Can someone please prove me wrong by saying "Yes, I can run
> >> FB_LOCK_PRINT on Win2003 Server using FB 1.5.3 Classic"?
> > run it as SYSTEM
> Have you actually tried it, and it worked? If so, can you tell
> me exactly how you did it (did you use RUNAS from the command
> line, or log in to Terminal Services as SYSTEM, etc.)?
> Everyone repeats this suggestion to me so I think it's on the
> right lines--but so far, nobody will confirm that they have
> *actually* *seen* *it* *work*.
> I appreciate your help :-)
> Ian.

Hi Ian,

Unless I am mistaken, I don't think you can use SYSTEM with runas (or
at least I am not sure what password it wants, it doesn't want the
administrator password)

Alan's suggestion does make sense though. I do not have a spare 2k3
server sitting around I can try it on, but perhaps you could create a
firebird user and use this as the user in services.msc rather than
letting it run as system. Then you could try Alan's suggestion.