Subject Re: FB_LOCK_PRINT Doesn't Run on Win2003 Server using FB 1.5.3 Classic
Author ianbillups
Thanks for replying Alan.

>> We've tried several Win2003 machines, and different user
>> credentials (thanks to Michael Weissenbacher for his help)
>> but we really can't make it run :-(

> you're aware of this?
> solution is run fb_lock_print with the same user credentials
> the server was started with."

Yes. Although we're not FB experts, we've tried very hard to
get this tool to work. Michael Weissenbacher pointed us to this
suggestion, but unfortunately it doesn't help in our case.

I've posted a few messages to this list over the last few weeks
while we've been fighting this problem, and in this time no-one
has claimed to be able to run FB_LOCK_PRINT on Win2003 Server
using FB 1.5.3 Classic Server. I guess it simply doesn't work!

So, rather than a request for support, I think this is now a
simple bug report. Is there a developers' list or a bug reports
list that I should post to?