Subject Re: Record numbering
Author Ali Gökçen
> I don't follow your hippo argument, but I agree that it may be
> possible with Firebird 2 to output an interim counter value, the
> counter that after the operation completes is ROW_COUNT.

Never mind, it is an historical enmity with ora and me.. ;)

> My questions about the usefulness remain. It encourages poor design,
> increases the data size to be shipped across the LAN, slows the
> time, and is probably already available in the client query
> Any guesses what the next question will be? How about 'I want to
> update the 10th record returned by my last select, can this be

You are right with my POV.
But you know we are not the only SQL users, there are idiot or
semismart managers, officers, operators etch in the world.
They may be selectomania (select depended SQL report maniac).
Row numbers may be very useful for them.
when i was a designer, programmer, problem solver i never needed it.

> In Firebird 1.5, ROW_COUNT always returns 0 for selects or any query
> run using EXECUTE STATEMENT (FB1.5 release notes p22-23). It is a
> method of checking how many records were effected by other DML
> Adam

don't loss yourself over ROW_COUNT, it was a sample about FB
capability. FB can count and report provided rows, it should be more
easy for unidirectional cursors.