Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connecting to remote server
Author Ivan Cruz
Matt Johns wrote:

> What and all is required for this setup? How do I share the connection at location B?

Easiest way is a broadband router. This site may help:

You can also use a central machine as a NAT. Under Linux ipmasq do the job.
Under Windows there is a "share connection" option somewere.

>Can I share the connection using a switch?

A tipical broadband router offers 4 ethernet ports. If your client count is
bigger or when using NAT on a central machine you will need a switch,
but somtimes a simple hub will do the job.

>How much connection speed is required to run the application comfortably?

Depends on how your applications behave. If your selects produce only small
result sets, 256Kbit/s may suffice. As a rule of thumb, bigger is
better. If you
can affort a 8Mbit/s, go for it.

>Do I need seperate net connection for each client?

Not at all.

>And What about IP address?

Fixed IP on both ends provide better stability, but on the client side it's
not that important. If you can't have fixed ip on server side, you will
need a
DNS provider with support to dynamic IP. Check
Their services are pretty good.