Subject Re: How to 'upper' characters with accents?
Author phil_hhn
--- In, Stefan Heymann <lists@...> wrote:
> What you need is the correct combination of Character Set and
> Collation. With that, you can UPPER() everything correctly.
> > However I've been unable to achieve (2)
> There is no way (built into Firebird) to un-accent a character (and I
> am not aware that such a thing is used elsewhere -- why does one want
> to remove accents?)

Take for example the word "crêpe" (has a circumflex above the first
'e'). If you want to search for this word, many english users may not
know that the word contains a special character, let-alone how to
enter it. Therefore it's nice if we can specify "Crepe" or "Crêpe" and
still find the correct word, "crêpe".

Removing the accents is a slightly different problem than 'uppering'
the word correctly, but we are considering whether we may eventually
have to do it also. For now, having upper() produce the correct result
is our main aim.