Subject Re: [firebird-support] connecting to remote server and sharing connections
Author Stefan Heymann

this is not a specific Firebird issue. Everything that a Firebird
client needs to connect to the server is a TCP/IP connection on port
3050/tcp. So the problem boils down to getting this TCP/IP connection
going between your two locations.

Is that a direct TCP/IP link between both locations? Or do you want to
connect them via the Internet? In the first case, there's practically
nothing you need to do (other than set up a switch or so). In the
latter case you will need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel.


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> Hi,

> I need to connect to a firebird database server running at a
> remote location using broadband internet connection.

> The scenario is like this, a firebird database server is running
> on W2k Server at location A and I need to connect a few client
> machines to this server from location B running windows XP.
> Broadband net connection is available at both the places.

> What and all is required for this setup? How do I share the
> connection at location B? Can I share the connection using a switch?
> How much connection speed is required to run the application
> comfortably? Do I need seperate net connection for each client?
> Please help.

> Thank you.

> Matt Johns.

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