Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Record numbering
Author Martijn Tonies
> Hi Martijn,
> i never wrote any singleuser/standalone application in my life,
> so i never faced with single-user safety. ;)


I said: it's not multi-user safe.

If multiple users use that same generator for that purpose, you will
get weird increments in your resultset.

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> here is what i said:
> > > you need some user-dedicated or terminal-dedicated generators to do
> > > this.
> > >
> every user(the login person) and terminal should be singular in my mind.
> because of users and terminals are limited and manageble, there is no
> so much risk about generator table overflow and one time used zombie
> generators.
> the only soft-risc is a local problem:
> user may run more than one numarator based query at the same time.
> a clever programmer can solve this problem without panic i think...
> Regards.
> Ali