Subject Re: Record numbering
Author Ali Gökçen
Hi jasajona,

you need some user-dedicated or terminal-dedicated generators to do

create generator JASA_RN -- jasa's row numarator

you need to clean its value before use it each time.
select gen_id(JASA_RN,-GEN_ID(JASA_RN,0)) from rdb$database;


select gen_id(JASA_RN,1), myfield1, myfield2
from mytable
where mycontitions


--- In, "jasajona" <jasajona@...>
> How to write select that gives field of selected record number. I have
> table just from one field "SomeField" how to get result:
> RecNo SomeField
> ----- --------------
> 1 sdferfer
> 2 ertertt dfgdfg
> 3 df ;dlfklee
> ...
> I do not want to use generators, I need every time to start from 1