Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Optimizing a subquery
Author Arno Brinkman

>> > select CustomerId, Sales, (select sum(Sales) from Customers) as Total
>> > from Customers
>> >
>> > It works fine, but for each row, Firebird executes the subquery
>> > "select sum(Sales) from Customers".
>> Are you sure? At one time, I'm quite sure that the compiler/optimizer
>> were good enough to remove loop invariants.
> It possibly has been improved since, but 1.5.3 does not appear to
> optimise it:

You can't see at the PLAN if those queries are invariant or not, but if the sub-query is not depending on outer
relations it should only be run once.
Although this seems not to be the case for sub-queries in the select-list (don't have an idea why at the moment).
You can check the reads from statistics if the query is run only once or for every record.

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