Subject Re: [firebird-support] Getting access to column description info
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>> I would like to use the data dictionary information in my database,
>>> particularly the Description information, for columns to be displayed to
>>> users when they ask for further help on determining the purpose of a
>>> particular field on a form.
>>> How can I get access to this information from my client application?
>> Check out the RDB$DESCRIPTION field in the RDB$RELATION_FIELDS system table.
> By the way, is there any syntax to fill the description field from within an
> alter table add <column>-like statement?
> Or any other "built-in" syntax to modify/read the various description fields?
> I haven't seen applications that use, for example,
> It seems like those are "dead" or "legacy" fields.

Firebird 2.0 will have a COMMENT statement for setting the description.

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