Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: UPDATE AND DELETE WITH JOIN
Author Nando Dessena

I> Although I am not keen on the SQL syntax, and have to look it up every
I> time I want to use it, it does allow you to make more efficient
I> queries than you can do using standard SQL.

while I for one can see the value of the "update from" feature,
although it does have syntax and semantics problems, your example
would not apply to Firebird, since row-level triggers make all that
complex code much simpler. I have been writing triggers in SQL Server
for some time now, and every time I do that I rediscover how great
Firebird's row-level triggers and automatic backout on errors
are. IOW there usually is a better or at least comparable way. In Fb,
an anonymous block seems a reasonable alternative to me.

Nando Dessena
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