Subject Re: Error when trying to "SELECT" "ORDERED BY" not indexed column ?
Author Adam
--- In, "Plamen Krastev"
<plamenkrastev@...> wrote:
> > > I/O error for file "C:\WINDOWS\system32
> \WINDOWS\TEMP\fb_sort_x2l31t"
> >
> > That is a strange Temp folder location. Have you set this in
> > Firebird.conf?
> You are right Adam, that directory does not exist on my C: drive.
> be my problem is connected with the fact that I had to change the
> directory location because some of the software installed on my
> computer cannot work with the very long default path to temporary
> directory in Windows XP.
> Temporary directory is not set by default in Firebird.conf, and by
> some reason it cannot find the right temporary directory location
> my case. But setting it explicitly in Firebird.conf with the line:
> TempDirectories = c:\Temp
> resolved the problem ( c:\Temp exists of course ).
> Thank you for the help.

I am glad you have resolved your issue.

It is possible that the parser is incorrectly following your
environment variable. If you are able to explain in an easy to
reproduce way how you can configure the environment that causes a
problem, then I am sure that feedback would be welcome on the devel