Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: UPDATE AND DELETE WITH JOIN
Author Ann W. Harrison
bill_lam wrote:

> I'm not alone in this issue, and I guess this may become an recurrent question.
> If I read correctly, SQL Standard here refer to SQL92 (SQL2?) which is
> 2006-1992=14 years old,

No, I'm looking at the most recent standard, from 2003. There
are two types of update, searched and positioned. The positioned
update depends on having a record which is current of cursor. The
syntax for the searched update is:

<update statement: searched> ::=
UPDATE <target table> [ [ AS ] <correlation name> ]
SET <set clause list>
[ WHERE <search condition> ]

The searched delete is:

<delete statement: searched> ::=
DELETE FROM <target table> [ [ AS ] <correlation name> ]
[ WHERE <search condition> ]