Subject Re: expression evaluation not supported (FIREBIRD 2.0 RC3)
Author skander_sp
--- In, "Dmitry Yemanov" <dimitr@...>
> "skander_sp" <skander_sp@...> wrote:
> >
> > SURE all or them are numbers (not a problem of type missmatch)
> Would you mind providing a full metadata to reproduce the problem?
You may
> contact me privately for that, if you wish. I'm afraid it could be a
bug in
> the DSQL parser which attempts to be stricter in some aspects.
> Dmitry

Ok, sorry to everyone...
Really was a case of type mismatch "hidden" by FB 1.5 and "discovered"
by FB 2.0

one of the fields was defined as "char(10)" (mistake with similars
name of domains), but due the "live cast" don't fail in FB 1.5.
May be FB 2.0 is stronger and can't permit do it.

All was fine now. Tks to everyone.