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> >Actually, Paradox has had RI since about version 5 or so, but it's not
> >often used and was not retrofitted here.
> You mistook what I said. Paradox doesn't have declarative RI. It

You're right, I did <g>. Sorry.

And now I have a real question. I'm writing a program to convert the
PDX data to Firebird. With the constraints in place, copying one table
at a time doesn't work well unless I choose just the right order. To
complicate matters, this conversion will have to be run unattended (or at
least by very unsophisticated users) at about 1000 sites, so whatever I
do can't involved much human activity.

In the past (i.e., when this was a DBA's problem) I've seen them do things
like remove all the constraints, copy the data, then reinstate the

I can see that this would make things simpler, but on the other hand, I'm
reluctant to lose this chance to weed out things that violate constraints.

Which path do other people take when they do this?

Michael D. Spence
Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.

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