Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded server?
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:49 AM 10/07/2006, you wrote:
>As the FB site has very little information on this topic

There's not a lot to know that doesn't apply to the Superserver
model. It's Superserver, intended as a specific deployment model,
not very usable as the back-end to Delphi app development,
either. Develop connecting to one of the full server models and keep
the connection string externally, e.g. in an ini file or the
Registry, and you won't need to care which. (If you plan to
hard-code the connection string then develop with Superserver).

> and searching
>the archives here with "embedded" returns 2971 hits... could a kind
>soul tell a semi-Delphi newbie how to...
>1. install the embedded server on an XPSP2 host

Read the v.1.5.3 Release notes, starting at Page 80.

>2. connect to it from D7

Connection to an embedded server *must* be Windows local (not via
TCP/IP local loopback). Most Delphi interface layers require a valid
username and password. The embedded server doesn't do authentication
checking so just make sure that the username logging in has the
required SQL privileges, password can be ~whatever~. During
development on the full server, of course you will need a valid
username and password.

>3. run SQL commands?

No different to any other model. - populate the SQL property of a
data access object.

As a generic advice, don't treat the Firebird release notes as
something you don't have to bother with. Currently, they accumulate
to constitute a manual of everything that has happened to Firebird
since it stopped being InterBase 6.