Subject Re: Embedded server?
Author Adam
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> Hi
> As the FB site has very little information on this topic and
> the archives here with "embedded" returns 2971 hits... could a kind
> soul tell a semi-Delphi newbie how to...
> 1. install the embedded server on an XPSP2 host

Extract the zip archive and rename the dll if required.

> 2. connect to it from D7

Same way you connect from to any other server model, except you are
limited to a local connection from a single process and passwords are
not checked.

> 3. run SQL commands?

Same way you run SQL commands against Superserver or Classic - start
a transaction and run your SQL, then commit or rollback.\

Embedded is a distribution model not a development model. The IDE
counts as a connection is you leave it active at design time. You
administration tool counts as a connection. Develop against
SuperServer and use the local protocol, switch the dll when you
release it to a customer.

Have you read the readme?