Subject Re: MS Server 2003 R2 failure cretaing a database SQLCODE = -904
Author Adam
--- In, "gerardccvd"
<gerard.van.dorth@...> wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> Thanks for your help:
> Version 1.5.2 (according to the release notes)
> It's a classic server (not the enterprise one)
> There are 2 services started: Firebird Guardian & Server
> I'm adminstator when i'm running the Firebird ISQL tool
> The statement is: "CREATE DATABASE 'D:\data\track.gdb';"

Hi Gerard,

There are actually 3 problems I can see, 1 of them is causing a
problem, another will cause a problem some time in the future, and the
third may cause problems with OS components.

Problem 1:

The Windows version of Classic Server under Firebird 1.5 does not
support local protocol. This is documented somewhere, probably in the
release notes or quick start guide. You need to use the TCP loopback.

CREATE DATABASE 'localhost:D:\data\track.gdb';

CREATE DATABASE 'MyServerName:D:\data\track.gdb';

CREATE DATABASE '\data\track.gdb';

Problem 2:

Uninstall the guardian service. Under Classic, it will cause ghost
connections to occur. It is a monitoring tool for Superserver to make
sure the server process restarts if it crashes. In fact it is not even
needed under 'NT' based OS (NT/2K/XP/03) because your services manager
can handle restarts on failure anyway.

Problem 3:

Under Windows XP, gdb files are backed up by System Restore upon
connection. Rename the database to track.fdb (providing your trackplus
software can be told to look for that file or an alias).