Subject Re: MS Server 2003 R2 failure cretaing a database SQLCODE = -904
Author Adam
--- In, "gerardccvd"
<gerard.van.dorth@...> wrote:
> Newby question:
> Installed Track+ on a MS Server 2003 R2 server, everything fine except
> the firebird database. Creating the database manually yields:
> SQLCODE = -904
> unavailable database
> How to fix this problem?
> Gerard van Dorth

Firebird version?
Classic or Superserver?
Running as Service?
If so which user?
What tool are you issuing your create database from?
Show your create database statement.
What is track+ ?

It is most likely that you are not passing through the hostname in the
connection string, and local connections through terminal services is
not supported.