Subject Re: Firebird Ver 1.5 + Events + Firewall/Router. Questions
Author jarrod_petz
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> I can see several options. Your client process could contact your
> server process in a background thread. Once the call returns, simply
> synchronize this fact with the VCL thread, and then collect the data
> of interest.
> Tools like RemObjects could be used providing they work with your
> version of Delphi. In fact with RO, you could create an asynchronous
> interface with its own callback logic and do it all from the VCL
> thread, but I prefer to keep the interface simple and contact the
> server from a background thread.

Thanks Adam for the advice Ill look into this idea. I am still
concerned about the Firebird server process locking up. I hope someone
else can either confirm or deny this. I am hoping it is bad coding on
our part thats causing it. I might even try making a mini side project
to test it out as I am relaying this information from our development
team and my observations of the work they are doing.