Subject Re: Firebird Ver 1.5 + Events + Firewall/Router. Questions
Author Milan Babuskov
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> Milan thank you very much for the PDF it explains alot although I
> have the same questions that I asked Helen for you.
> 1. Can't Firebird use known NAT traversal techniques to yield a new
> connection?

No, not currently. Firebird is unaware of the fact it's begin NAT-ed.

> Is classic server not already doing this as according to
> your PDF when someone connects on 3050 to the database a new server
> process is spawned(without using events) for the user connecting
> does this not encounter the same problem and if not why

New spawned process takes the connection handle and moves it to
another port. I see what you're getting at (doing the same thing for
events), but it isn't that simple. Initial connection is not handled
by FB CS itself. It's inetd that listens on port 3050.

> Why can it be done for the initial connection and not for events?

Some things would need to be done, that aren't simple. First, we would
have to have a separate event-spawner program which would be launched
from inetd. That would give problem that you need to configure inetd
to use the port. Event-spawner would then have to spawn a special
version on FB server that only works with events. That program would
also need to get in sync with it's "main" FB CS process. All of this
complicates things a lot, and I doubt it can be done at all.

What I would recommend to Firebird developers is to add a config
setting for ClassicServer, called EventPortRange or something like
that. You could then specify that FB should use ports in range (for
example) 10000-11000 and Classic would take one of those when it
selects a random port. At your firewall, you can easily forward all
the traffic in that range, and everything would be fine.

Helen, is this suggestion to be forwarded to fb-devel or fb-architect

> I was going to ask how you found this document as when I googled for
> events and came up empty handed. However I see your the author so
> that would be pointless. Is this document or something similar on
> the Firebird site that I missed?

There is a link at IBPhoenix website, although not so "visible". It's
on the page with other papers from 2005 Conference:

> Also I see its hosted at FlameRobin's
> site is there a link to it from their perhaps? I was unable to find
> it in either case you should try to get this information linked in
> more places as it is excellent.

Thanks. I just needed a webspace, so I put it on FlameRobin website.
There is no direct link.

Perhaps it could be added to "Whitepaper" section at Firebird website?