Subject Re: [firebird-support] Panel loading records
Author Helen Borrie
>Roberto Freitas wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I use Delphi 7, FireBird 1.5 and IBO 4.
> > The screen shows automatically a panel "resultado do carregamento"
> > (something like "loading records result" in english) when moving to a
> > far record on a large dataset. Is this a FireBird feature?
> > How can I avoid this panel to be showed?

At 06:50 AM 7/07/2006, Ann wrote:

>That sounds like an IBO message - it's certainly not something
>that Firebird is doing ... well, Firebird is doing the loading,
>but it certainly doesn't pop up encouraging messages on your
>client screen.

Ann's correct. An IBO dataset sets a loop for fetching batches of
output from the buffer into a multi-row dataset. The programmer can
optionally set some properties that allow the application to deliver
a message each time the loop completes. It's not the default
behaviour - someone has applied some settings here to make this happen.