Subject Re: Trigger Position
Author Adam
> --- In, "Adam" wrote:
> > The only time the position is even CONSIDERED is if you have multiple
> > triggers of the same type on the same table.
> AND, what happens if u have more then 1 trigger of the same type
> (eg. 'before update') in the same position (eg. zero) ??

One of them will be executed before the other, and you have know right
to complain if it wasn't the one you hoped. It is like running a
select statement without an order by clause - you don't care.

Generally, I avoid duplicating positions for a trigger of the same
kind because I care which order they are run in.

> I have been reported a problem probably coused by a situation like
> that, where the restored database works fine but the origial one seems
> not to execute one of the triggers.
> I havenĀ“t looked at the DB iet, but my 1st guess is that the origianl
> database is executing the triggers in a diferent order then the
> restored one and so 'messing up' the logic.
> BTW, is there any known issue where a trigger whould not be
> executed ?? (bad DB or old fb version for eg.) ??

It is possible to set a trigger to inactive, but I would think that
the restore would restore it as inactive too.