Subject Re: Trigger Position
Author Anderson Farias
--- In, "Adam" wrote:
> The only time the position is even CONSIDERED is if you have multiple
> triggers of the same type on the same table.

AND, what happens if u have more then 1 trigger of the same type
(eg. 'before update') in the same position (eg. zero) ??

I have been reported a problem probably coused by a situation like
that, where the restored database works fine but the origial one seems
not to execute one of the triggers.

I havenĀ“t looked at the DB iet, but my 1st guess is that the origianl
database is executing the triggers in a diferent order then the
restored one and so 'messing up' the logic.

BTW, is there any known issue where a trigger whould not be
executed ?? (bad DB or old fb version for eg.) ??

Anderson Farias