Subject Re: Unique Constraints being violated in Firebird
Author robertgilland
> Forced Writes Off is unsafe by definition, you mention that you are

So this means we should never allow forced writes to be off?

> using some RC builds but fail to mention the version. FB 1 / 1.5 /
> 2?? Do you notice a performance gain switching it off?

Firebird 1 Release
Firebird 1.51 Release
Firebird 2 Release Candidate 1
Firebird 2 Release Candidate 2

> If Firebird happens to write the data to the data page before
> populating the index page (is this possible??) and there is a
> such as hardware failure before the index is updated then I can see
> this happenning.

Oh I see, so say for instance. We were using classic and RAM runs out,
as has happenned quite a lot. this would definitely fail.

> Have you (or someone else) been using a tool like xcopy to move the
> database around, because I can imagine that can quite easily cause
> this. Make sure appropriate exceptions are in place in any virus
> scanning package.

No this has not been happenning.

> >
> > Could this be a firebird bug? If so we do have the the GDB from
> > example #1 and a GBK from example #4.
> Rename to gdb to fdb or you will get into trouble in some windows
> platforms.

Can you be more clear as to what trouble we would get into?