Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Reached the end of the file ???
Author Milan Babuskov
Zoran Zivkovic wrote:
> - On saturday, they worked OK (this is strange, when first problem
> PROBLEM OCCURED ON FRIDAY!!! I gues we will never know).

Probably because server never needed to access some of the missing
pages. I had databases that worked for weeks without being able to backup.

> I will solve current situation somehow, but for the future, and for
> other people, it would be good that somone who is familiar with these
> things explain such behaviour.

Have you run scandisk on the drive yet?

> My expierence with IB is 5+ years long.

Just because you haven't seen any problems, doesn't mean that they don't
exists. Seeing the amount of bugs fixed from IB 6 to FB 1.0, one should
be very brave to keep using it.

> HDD's on Server are relativelyu new (less than 1 year)

I assume you're using cheap IDE disks (maxtor and such). I've seen these
kind of disks break after only a few months (perhaps forced writes is
forcing them too hard, I don't know). These are simply not meant for
serious business use.

> Thanks to all who tried to help. For me, case is finished (except I
> am still retyping invoices from Saturday, :) ).

Main rule of backup: "make it as often as is the amount of data you can
afford to lose" (perhaps some native English speaker will put it into
better words, but you get the point).

Milan Babuskov