Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Reached the end of the file ???
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:27 PM 3/07/2006, you wrote:

>OK, we have good backup from 29.6.2006, so we will retype everything
>for friday and saturday. Todays not working will cost company about
>2.500 Euro. I would be happy to know what can cause such problem. The
>back up from Friday evening is only 10MB big (instead 150MB). So
>problem hapened on Friday, 30.6.2006!!! Anyway, on Saturday,
>1.7.2006, everything worked fine, except they couldn't do backup at
>all, at the end of the day.
>Today, there are many errors in database.
>If anybody know what could be the problem, please advice.

The IB 6 engine thinks it has written pages to disk but for some
reason those pages can't be found.

If you are *certain* that your database has not at some point
exceeded 2 Gb in size then the next best guess is that you have a
dying hard disk.

1. Take a file copy of the database file and store it somewhere
safe. If your Thursday backup won't restore, you will need to send
the broken database to a repair surgeon.

2. Replace the hard disk. A new one will cost a lot less than 2500 Euro.

3. Install Firebird, making sure you install fbclient.dll as
gds32.dll. (IB 6.0 is a very, very old beta. To get an idea of how
many bugs are in it, read the Bug Fix lists in the release notes for
Firebird 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0.)

4. Restore Thursday's backup using Firebird.

>I would really like to avoid these situations in the future. This is 3rd time
>in 5 years that we have problem with database (our mistake or not),
>and almost every time company loses money because we could't restore
>back up from day before.

Those sound like very compelling arguments for ditching both IB 6 and
your 5-year-old hard disk.