Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple Database Connection
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Firebird may use a transaction that spans several databases, but it is
impossible to refer to several databases in the same query.

I can easily see that it could sometimes be handy to use selects like
you describe, but it is not difficult to see how complex it would be to
create a plan for how to retrieve the records. In theory, you might even
have one server using SuperServer, one classic and yet another the
embedded engine. One would have to tranfer one result set from one
database to the other and then link and continue the processing, and
that sounds extremely complex.

Hence, I'm happy with the current behaviour when I do this myself - i.e.
write a program to first query one database, then lookup the other
database for each returned record and depending on the answer, decide
whether I want it in the final result set.

Replication, as Alan wrote, is another good solution.


Nihat Tunali wrote:
> Hi,
> Configuration:
> - i have a four firebird database in my local/server computer.
> - In my Delphi program ,i used zeos component /other not important.
> - One database component and connected to only one database (such as db1)
> - In db1 database has some procedures,triggers & views
> * My question:
> - How can i connect to other databases (db2,db3, etc ) in Only SQL Query ?
> SELECT ........... FROM db1.table1, db2.table1 etc...????
> - How can call procedure,views and other dababase ddl functions
> SELECT ..........FROM db1.procedure1, db4.procedure1 ??????
> thanks.