Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to repair a database with damaged index
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
First of all, don't trust a word of what I write, I've never fixed a
broken Firebird database.

I cannot explain what happened to you, but you seem to have a problem
with duplicate primary keys.

I would have ascertained that no-one was connected to the database in
any way (a simple way to check this should be to try to rename the
database file), then do a filecopy in case things got more corrupted
while trying to fix the problem.

For fixing the problem, I'd simply try to remove the primary key
constraint, fix the duplicate record and recreate the primary key. Maybe
your problem is a simple as that, if not cry for more help and if it is
serious enough, then sooner or later the mother of Firebird, Ann
Harrison, will come to your rescue or direct you to ibsurgeon.


Carsten Schäfer wrote:
> When i do this query on the damaged database i get no result !
> When i do this query on the database after the aborted restore i find
> the duplicate primary key.
> Can someone explain this to me ?
> But what is the next step ?
> I thought i have to repair the original database and not the aborted
> restore ?
> mfg
> Carsten
> Svein Erling Tysvaer schrieb:
>> Maybe something like
>> select pk_field, count(*)
>> from table
>> group by pk_field
>> having count(*) > 1
>> to identify the duplicate records to remove/modify before recreating the
>> key?
>> Set
>> Carsten Schäfer wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm using Firebid 1.5.3 on Win XP.
>>> I have a damaged database
>>> When i do a backup and restore of this database i get the follwing error
>>> in ibexpert:
>>> IBE: Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not
>>> preclude successful execution of subsequent statements.
>>> action cancelled by trigger (2) to preserve data integrity.
>>> Cannot deactivate index used by an integrity constraint.
>>> This happens when creating a primary key index.
>>> When i do restore with deactivating indexes the restore gives no error.
>>> But what are the next steps to repair the database ?
>>> mfg
>>> Carsten