Subject Re: FreeBSD vs gnu/Linux Debian ,Suse Speed, stability, Instalation Problems and
Author Milan Babuskov
--- In, "Nigel Weeks" <nweeks@...> wrote:
> FreeBSD also has much lighter Process Context Switching - there's
> less data structures to be moved off the execution stack, and back
> into ram. Thusly, there's less kernel time swapping processes, and
> more CPU time to run your queries.

I must I admit I forgot about this. Yes, FreeBSD has good reasons to
support CS exclusively.

> Stability: We reboot our Linux servers roughly monthly. Most of our
> FreeBSD machines have uptimes of over a year.

But I have to disagree here. I have two Linux servers with uptime of
more than two years (One of then still running an ancient Mandrake
9.0). It really doesn't show anything (except that both FreeBSD and
Linux are stable).

To OP: If you go with Linux and your hardware can run with kernel 2.4,
I recommend to use it instead of 2.6. 2.4 has shown to be much more
robust and stable. I assume those machines Nigel has to reboot once a
month are running 2.6 kernel.