Subject Re: [firebird-support] Restriction on Field selection
Author Ann W. Harrison
sathiesh81 wrote:
> Hi all
> If I select more than 255 fields in select statement, it is giving
> BLR syntax error: expected record selection expression clause at
> offset 1686, encountered 36.
> Is there ny restrictions in select statement

There are lots of restrictions on various parts of the select
statement - the number of input streams (aka tables, but including
the same table used recursively at two), the number of conjuncts,
the total length of the query in SQL and in BLR, etc. You've
run into the number of conjuncts (I think) which is 255. I believe
you can have more than that number of fields in the select list,
but not in the WHERE (or ON) clauses.

What are you trying to do?