Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Security.fdb improvements
Author Daniel Albuschat
2006/6/26, Salvatore Besso <s.besso@...>:
> hello Adam,
> thank you for the information. I've seen that migrating from 1.53 (actual)
> to 2.0 will further complicate things so I think that I will abandon these
> enhancements of the security database. What I wanted to accomplish with
> these changes was to enrich the security database with some advanced
> characteristics like:
> - a flag indicating if the account is enabled/disabled
> - a flag indicating if password never expires
> - a flag indicating that the user is allowed to change his/her password
> - a flag indicating that the user must change the password at the first
> connection
> - a field indicating the password duration in days
> - a field indicating the date of the last password change
> More or less like the Windows accounts. But I feel that it will be
> impossible unless these enhancements are implemented directly into Firebird.

If you handle the logic in your application anyways, I would suggest
to add these
fields to a table in your application's database with a field
referencing (of course not
via foreign key, since this is not possible) to the username from security.fdb.
It's not normalized as opposed to your original suggestion, but at
least portable
to FB 2.0.

Daniel Albuschat