Subject Re: Corrupted database Paper
Author Adam
--- In, "Lee" <lee@...> wrote:
> A while ago, someone posted a pdf of steps to take when a database gets
> corrupted. I had a copy, but have misplaced it. I am sorry I do not
> remember the title of the paper, but I was hoping someone would know the
> paper I am referring to and post a link.
> Thank you

Not sure of the paper you are thinking of, but some things that often

* Running gbak with -g option will work if the corruption is in an old
record version.

* Gfix -validate and Gfix -mend often works

* If the above two don't help, then it is probable that some data has
been lost. Run gbak -v which should tell you which table/index the
backup or restore fails on. Armed with this knowledge, you can run
some queries on the table to attempt to locate the particular record
with an issue. You can then use the where clause to generate a query
that pulls out every record possible with no issue. Then you can
create a table with an identical structure, and use the insert into
select from syntax to copy the good records into this table. You can
now use a tool like IBDataPump to copy the good data into a blank