Subject Re: udf won't do what it should
Author Adam
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 10:15 AM 23/06/2006, Adam wrote:
> >Martin,
> >
> >This is not something Firebird will be doing. I do not have TNT
> >components installed, so it is a little tricky for me to look at
> >pas. Nothing stands out too much to me (except the possibility of
> >returning nil which I have no idea how it will handle.)
> >
> >Lucky for you it is a simple procedure. Put a few showmessage
calls in
> >and it should quickly become apparent if there is any issues with
> >delphi part.
> >
> >Have you confirmed that you are using the right dll (restart the FB
> >Service for good measure). A showmessage will also allow you to be
> >confident of this.
> Showmessage is modal and, in a DLL, will freeze the system. In a
> it will probably crash the server.
> ./heLen

Not from experience.

I would never do it to a production environment, but as a quick check
to see if your head is screwed on right, it is fine. If you do get
problems OutputDebugString is a safe option.