Subject Re: [firebird-support] Transaction and Stored procedures.
Author Martijn Tonies
> This is related to the question I had. : "Rec Ver / Updates and Deletes".
> Taking transaction into account. How does the stored procedures fit into
this ? If we
> take the scenario as follows.
> Client A starts a transaction and does some updates and inserts and then
calls a stored proc and then commits.
> Now A gets a dead lock thanks to a other clients updates, but linked to an
update made by client a and not the stored procedure.
> DOES the changes that the stored procedure make (Lets say the stored
procedure inserted data into a table based on some rules)
> also roll back ? or is it outside of the transaction ? .. basically is the
stored procedure in its OWN transaction and not part of the clients
transaction ?

The procedure is in the clients transaction.

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