Subject Re: Firebird wont run in terminal session
Author Adam
--- In, "Darren Zappa" <darren@...>
> I installed an application along with the firebird database on a win
> 2003 in terminal server mode, when I logon locally its start ok but
> when I logon remotely i get an error saying the Firebird database
> server is not currently running ISC ERROR CODE: 335544375.
> But it appears to be running in the services. Any help would be
> apppreciated thanks
> Darren

FB 1.5 does not support local connections in Terminal Services
environments. If I understand the FB2 release notes properly (p12-13),
FB 2 uses XNET instead of IPC which should allow it work, but for now,
change the connection string to include the hostname first.

instead of