Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Error with Classic Server
Author Michael Weissenbacher
>>I have Linux, so the typical TCP limitation of Windows XP Sp2 is not
>>the issue.
>>I think is a problem with the dameon that handle Classic Firebird
>>proccess. I have 60 users running simultaneus. the Nr 61 can`t log on.
>>I will seek for Inetd issues in this forum
> The limit of 60 concurrent connections is not new. And, it's not a
> Firebird problem. Look in the xinetd/inetd configuration, the limit of
> server instances might be set to 60, and if it is, increase it. If
> I'm not mistaken, that setting can be set just for Firebird.
True, look here, should point you to the right direction: