Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error with Classic Server
Author Sándor Tamás (HostWare Kft.)
AFAIK, CS launches one process for every connection, while SS handles every
connection in only one process. Since FB communicates through TCP, and uses
INETD, the maximum number of connections limited (or unlimited, if set). As
I can remember, earlier on this list there was a discussion about this
issue, and about where to edit this number.


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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Error with Classic Server

> diegodelafuente wrote:
>> I changed our Db Server from "Superserver" to "Classic" server.
>> Everithing was working fine until we recive this message
>> "unsuccesful execution caused by a system error that precludes
>> succesful execution of subseuent statements. Unable to complete
>> network request to host Failed to establish a conection"
>> is the Fb Server
>> This happend when a lot of computers log into the Db. We disconnect
>> one Pc from the Db and then the other can log on. I don´t knowk
>> exactly how many Pc we have logged in, but it suppose to be more than
>> 20.
>> When we used "Superserver" we don´t have this issue.
>> Can someone help me with this problem ?
> Some more info might be useful, but it does sound like windows limiting
> the number of connections that it allows you to use - in the interest of
> security. XP-Sp2 brought the latest limits in. Superserver just uses
> the one internal connection so is not affected.
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