Subject Re: Multiple generators
Author killerion
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> killerion wrote:
> > In my DB, I need to keep track of different the offices of a company,
> > and they want to be able to create or eliminate the offices, but
> > depending on type, location, etc... they have different types of
> > identifiers, now I want to know if I can use multiple generators for
> > one table or do I need to manage them in different tables... if it is
> > possible to do this how?
> >
> Sure. A generator is just a value source - not tied to a table or
> a field, except through usage. Frequently, generators are used to
> create unique identifiers as artificial primary keys. In that case,
> they're normally tied to a field through a trigger, though there's
> no reason why several different tables couldn't use the same
> generator. Having one table use two different generators to create
> artificial keys defeats the purpose, since two generators can
> create the same value.
> What exactly do you mean by "different types of identifiers"
> Regards,
> Ann

They want a suffix that is an alphanumeric code used to identify
country & type which are predetermined and a numeric code that
determines the order in which they were created but the number must be
counted separetly for each combination of country and type... in other
words a storefront in mexico has a different country code than a
storefront in the US but both have the same type code and possibly
both would be #1 since that was the order in which they were created

mexico MXSF-0001
US USSF-0001